(Book Review – spoiler free) Shadowless by Randall McNally


Shadowless is a self published fantasy novel written by Randall McNally whom I met through the twitter-verse. After reading the Kindle sample I agreed to do this review in exchange for him sending me a copy free of charge and I was not disappointed!

First thing to mention is that this is not written in a form that most see now a days. In fact it is more reminiscent of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the barbarian except instead of just one viewpoint this follows many characters across what I viewed as a collection of tales leading to a final and epic conclusion. At first I was sceptical and felt a bit put off from the jumping around until I viewed it as just that. And was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying each chapter, starting the next and seeing the tale folding out before my eyes.

It is a wonderful world set in an age of Sandals, Swords and Sorcery and I really enjoyed it. As a fan of the original Conan stories I sense the influence (feel free to tell me I’m wrong Mr. McNally) but it is not a rip off. In fact the characters in this tale are much more intriguing and dynamic than the muscle bound Cimmerian.

I did feel as though the ending was over too soon but that was more from my wanting to continue reading than from it being rushed. All in all it was a fun read and an excellent debut novel from an up and coming author. Sometimes you have to take a risk and read something new and from a self published writer. Because the market has become so saturated with garbage it is hard for new authors too stand out and we as the consumers must help dig these nuggets of gold from the grimy pile and hold it aloft for the world to see.

The book is up on Amazon, check it out and follow Randall on twitter @randallmcnally9 to show your support.

Congrats on writing and publishing ‘Shadowless’ Randall I will keep my eyes out for your next!

About my reviews:

In this age with so many book reviewers online it seems as though the idea of “more is more” has taken hold. I have read some top-notch reviews that were so bloated with information that I didn’t remember what I was there for (to be convinced whether a book was worth the time to read) I offer short and concise reviews focused on the heart of the book, the pull or atmosphere that we all look for in entertainment (Think of movie ads where you feel as though you’ve just seen the film as opposed to the ones with excellent atmosphere that leaves you with questions and wanting to know more). So if you feel my reviews are short and lacking information on the plot, trust me, it is intentional.

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